留学生イベント 第11回留学生交流会(ロシアについて)


Ksenia Sanchenkova

日時 2019年6月19日(水)
場所 生命システム棟2階 セミナー室
条件 事前申し込み
言語 英語

Graduate School of Frontier biosciences (FBS) offers plenty of opportunities for our students to socialize. Various activities that international students can participate in include informal parties, luncheon meetings, and One-Day Trips and Excursions: Each year, FBS International Affaires organized several one-day trips to destinations within Kansai Area. These excursions are open to International students and their family aim to highlight some of Japanese cultural and historical attractions. They also serve as an ideal opportunity for students to meet up, share experiences, and forge new friendships.