留学生イベント キャリアパスセミナー


Mahdi Choyekh[Ph.D.]

日時 2019年1月25日(金)
場所 生命システム棟2階セミナー室
言語 英語
FBS Career path Seminar

Job Hunting in Japan

- Oppotunities and Challenges -

25 Jan (FRI), 2019 15:00-16:00 Lecture

*Free discussion time will follow the seminar
in the 2F Seminar Room served with soft drinks and light bites.(16:00-)

2F Seminar Room, BioSystem Building

Speaker: Mahdi Choyekh, Ph.D.

Currently working as an embeded systems engineer at Shinkawa Ltd specialized in bounding machines manufacturing in Nishi-Shinjyuku since April 2018. In 2009, he obtained the engineering national diploma in industrial computer science and automatics from the national institute of applied sciences and technology (INSAT) in Tunisia. Then, he worked for two years as an embeddied systems engineer at ARDIA, a French company sit in Tunisia specialized in developing admitted to Osaka University. He enrolled master and doctor courses at the department of naval architecture and ocean engineering at the graduate school of engineering majoring underwarer robotics. In 2016, upon his graduation, he joined Taiyo industrial Ltd in Wakayama specialized in Fleible Printed Circuits and testing machines as a software engineer.