留学生イベント キャリアパスセミナー


Wen-Jie Song[教授(熊本大学医学部)]

日時 2017年11月1日(水)15:00-19:30
場所 生命システム棟2階セミナー室
言語 英語

生命機能研究科大学院係 留学生担当

FBS Career path seminar


Professor Song will also talk about his work on auditory information processing.
Functional specialization of auditory cortidal subfields

Like the visual cortes, the auditory cortex has many subfields. In contract fo the visual cortex, the role of each subfield, or the functional specialization of the subfield, in th auditory cortex is unknown. Using real-time opticl imaging techniques, our labortor has made some contribution to the parcellation of auditory cortex into subfields, in a number of species. Current model of the auditory cortex proposes that the auditory cortex has a core region surrounded by a belt region; each region has several svbfields. In this seminar, I will present our recent evidence on the functional specialization of subfields in the core region 


Career Path Seminar followed by a buffet party 

Dr. Wen-Jie Song
(Professor, Kumamoto University School of Medicine)

Professor Song was born in China and came to Japan in 1985 as an international graduate student of Osaka University. He got Ph.D. degree at the Graduate School of Engineering Science and then started towork there as an assistant professor.  After a ph.D. study in the USA, he was appointed to be an associate professor in Osaka University. In 2006, he was promoted a full Professor of Kumamoto University.
He will talk about how he lived through and succeeded in a foreign country, Japan.