2022.8.10 Misc. Students from Hyogo Prefectural Ono Senior High School (SSH) visit the FBS RNA Biofunction Laboratory (Hirose Lab)

17 students and three teachers from the Hyogo Prefectural Ono Senior High School visited FBS’ Hirose Lab for two days (23 July and 8 August).
After discussing the job of a scientist and receiving a lecture from Professor Hirose, the students got a tour of the lab with FBS graduate students originally from their high school.The students were nervous at first, but began to nod their heads and enthusiastically take notes during the lecture.

Prof. Hirose’s lecture began by asking what heredity and genes are. He then steered the lecture in a fun direction by using his body and cells as an example to give the sense of a size and scale of genes.Students were especially taken by his explanation of how proteins produced in the body use genes, the blueprint of living organisms, as a base to create tissues and cells throughout the body in their proper place.
He also gave a quiz on replacing gene codes (sequences) with amino acid sequences, which the students seemed to enjoy. The lecture ended with Prof. Hirose giving a profound message to aspiring scientists: the differences between “learning” and “science” and the importance of creativity. 

During the lab tour, senior FBS student Rie Doi (2nd year) introduced the equipment used in her everyday research and gave students the opportunity to try a fluorescence microscope used in actual research. After a thorough explanation regarding fluorescent-labeled images of nuclei, RNA, and proteins in cultured cells, we heard some participants exclaim, “wow!” when looking through the microscope. 
Many students asked technical questions about probe synthesis and received advice regarding their career paths, which may have been helpful to students considering including science in their future.
Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, this visit was held with a small number of people, and we took great care while holding this event (such as disinfecting surfaces and encouraging the use of hand sanitizer). Under the circumstances, FBS was proud to be able to have this valuable opportunity come to fruition for the students.