What is FBS?

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Dean’s speech to prospective students

What is "research"?

The Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, FBS, is a place to study the mechanisms of life. If you are reading this article, you probably have an interest in life and/or basic research. When we ask students what their purpose of applying to our institute is, most of them answer, "to do research." Well then, what is research?
There is research to help cure disease and protect society from natural disasters, but "research" should originate from curiosity and follow a passion to understand why things are the way they are. FBS is the place where you can unravel the mysteries of life through basic research and by simply asking "why" and "how."

In recent years, it has been our great joy to see Japanese researchers being awarded Nobel prizes. Dr. Ohsumi (distinguished Professor of the Tokyo Institute of Technology), who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016, remarked, "research that has uncertain value is the most precious." I truly agree. Research is about exploring the intellectual horizon--not about being squelched at the onset after judging whether it has value or not without a thorough investigation. Studies that examine the truth without getting caught up in initial worth or value can lead to great discoveries, within which truly groundbreaking technology can emerge. The elucidation of the molecular mechanisms, as an example, was not expected to amount to anything, but it resulted in Autophagy, Dr. Ohsumi's research field. It was found to suppress certain diseases and is currently undergoing further research for multiple medical applications.

Science, deeply rooted in human nature and driven by the desire to know, is a part of our shared culture and a collective asset of humankind. We human beings have built up a magnificent temple of knowledge by accumulating discoveries for thousands of years. Though imperceptible and unfinished, this temple is structurally sound—and beautiful. Like Barcelona's La Sagrada de Familia. Knowledge of this kind has already transcended worth and value to that of absolutely priceless. So I wish to invite you to come together with me and toss another brick on this temple to continue creating something wonderful.

FBS advocates doing fun and exciting research. Why? How so? Well, that's a secret. Join us and find out on your own. Fun is hidden here and there in our graduate school. But you'll never find it if you don't come and look.


Life is full of the kind of wonder and surprise children often feel when they touch upon nature.
At the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, we aim to clarify these principles and mechanisms of all functions created by systems of "life."

We train pioneering leaders in biosciences. In recent years, there has been a succession of major technological innovations in the biosciences field, including the establishment of methods for genome sequencing and genome editing and possible applications in previously unpredictable areas have expanded to the fields of pharmaceuticals, agricultural studies, and material engineering. These breakthroughs are leading to answers to questions concerning the essence of life itself. Research methods are also progressing. While much of the research in biology has centered on genetics and biochemistry thus far, interdisciplinary approaches are now required, using advanced technologies in optical engineering, information engineering, robotics, AI, and other fields. To meet the needs of this new era of biosciences, the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences aims to nurture future leaders capable of conceiving creative ideas and contributing to the world through research. FBS offers a five-year doctoral degree program headed by academic staff in wide-ranging specialties to educate students using an interdisciplinary research environment encompassing the fields of medicine, engineering, and science.

We study life and its possibilities by collecting ideas that intrigue people working in diverse specialties, which include engineering, physics, and information science, as well as biosciences and medicine. Fascinating, exciting, and fun research awaits you here.

Dean’s speech to prospective students