Appraisal / Thesis

Master's Degrees

Though FBS offers a five-year doctoral degree program, FBS awards master’s degrees upon the fulfillment of the requirements corresponding to the completion of a course equivalent to a master’s. During the second year of the five-year doctorate course, an Interim Examination is held, in which the master’s thesis is submitted and presented. A master’s degree is conferred based on the successful defense of that thesis. It is normally held in February for those who expect to receive a master’s degree in March, and August for those who expect to receive a master’s degree in September. Details about the Interim Examination will be sent to applicable students’ OUMail address.

Important points regarding the Doctorate Degree

A Doctorate Degree is conferred after at least five years (three years for third-year transferred students) of research, having completed the required number of credits, and passing the dissertation defense. There are two steps to the dissertation defense process: a Preliminary Defense and a Dissertation Defense. The process and schedule for the conferral of a doctorate degree is posted under the NEWS&TOPICS section of the top page.

Early graduation

Students may receive their doctorate in less than the allotted five years if they meet all the requirements and get approval.