Scholarship / Financial support

The FBS focuses on financial support for students. We provide a number of financial support programs such as Teaching Assistant (TA), Research Assistant (RA), and International Student Tutor, which are directly connected to practical training in education/instruction and the strengthening of research skills. Also, the FBS Fellowship has been launched for students enrolling in the 2021 academic year and thereafter. We provide our own application support service for JSPS Doctoral Course Research Fellowships (DC1 and DC2), which students can apply based on the progress of their research. Please refer to the following for details and application timelines for scholarships and support programs. (For information on tuition exemption, please refer to the Tuition page.)

FBS Fellowship

The FBS Fellowship will start from AY2023 (1 April 2023 - 31 March 2024). The FBS Fellowship is a grant-type scholarship offering support near-equivalent to tuition fees. Students in Core Research laboratories who advance to the 3rd year or students transferring into a Core Research laboratory for their 3rd year can apply for this fellowship. It will be available for students who applied for, but did not receive, a tuition fee exemption.

This Fellowship scholarship will be offered in addition to wages earned as an FBS Research Assistant, allowing students to receive top-level financial support.

The FBS Fellowship will cover the tuition after the 3rd year for around 20 high-achieving students who could not get their tuition fees waived. It will be for students who began their enrollment in the 2021 academic year, and support will start AY2023. This can be combined with other financial aid, such as wages earned as a Research Assistant (RA), Teaching Assistant (TA), and/or tutor.

Scholarships for international students

There are two ways to apply for a scholarship from private foundations, local governments, local international associations, etc. One is to apply directly to an organization, and another is to apply with the university’s recommendation.

When applying directly, students are required to collect scholarship information on their own. The following are examples of information sources.

The number of university-recommended scholarships is very limited. Therefore, twice a year in April and October, the FBS calls for privately-funded international students who wish to apply for university-recommended scholarships and creates a ranking table. Scholarship information will be provided in order of ranking. Details will be sent to privately-funded international students via email in April and October.

To applicants for the Japanese government scholarship and the following foreign government scholarship

Tuition Fee Exemption for International Honors Students

Beginning with students enrolling in AY2024, Osaka University will launch a tuition fee exemption system (Tuition Fee Exemption for International Honors Students) for privately-funded international students who are of excellent academic standing in the graduate school entrance examinations. (For the detail, please refer to the Guidelines for Applicants on the "Entrance Exam Summary" page.)

Developing Next-Generation Researchers Who Devote Themselves to Challenging Research Projects (Next Generation Researcher Development Project)

This project aims to foster doctoral students who have acquired the competencies to create a future society and who will be an immediate asset to society. Students will be selected to study career development and training programs beyond the boundaries of existing organizations and fields. Research expenses will be supported and a research incentive grant equivalent to living expenses will be provided.

Program for Leading Graduate Schools

This program is intended to become a driving force behind drastic reform in applicable areas of graduate school education at leading educational centers. The Program for Leading Graduate Schools aims to promote the efforts of graduate schools to create and develop world-class interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary degree programs to develop graduates capable of serving as international leaders in the academic, corporate, and government sectors.

At Osaka University, there are 5 Programs for Leading Graduate Schools. Students of FBS can apply to the Humanware Innovation Program or Cross-Boundary Innovation (CBI) program.

WISE Program (Doctoral Program for World-leading Innovative & Smart Education)

This program supports the university’s efforts to develop individuals with doctorate degrees who will lead their respective sectors and form outstanding hubs for continuously facilitating the development of human resources, interpersonal exchange, and joint research.

Funding opportunities supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)

The application period begins in April each year, and the deadline for applications is in early May. This program is designed to support those who are in a doctoral course or have completed a doctoral course, who have excellent research abilities, and who wish to devote themselves to research at a university or other research institution, by hiring them as "special researchers" and providing them with research grants.

Support is also available for current students in the first year of the doctoral program (3 years) and for students in the second year or higher (2 years). Osaka University provides an application guide, which is available for download on campus only. Advice on application forms and mock interviews for those who pass the first round of interviews are also available. For more information, there will be an email announcement for the concerned parties (graduate students and faculty) in the fall to winter.

There are also fellowships, especially for researchers from other countries.