Help desks

Counseling is available to all students upon request.

Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences Counseling Service

For students who have been feeling depressed, agitated, or overwhelmed, the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences offers counseling. Privacy is of our upmost importance, so students can be reassured that their request for this service will not be revealed to anyone without their permission.



Counselor list

Professor FUKAGAWA Tatsuo
Professor HIROSE Tetsuro
Professor KAI Toshie
Professor ISHII Masaru
Professor SASAKI Hiroshi
Professor HORIE Takeo

Consultation Service for Students with Disabilities

Consultations for students with disabilities are available at FBS through FBS Educational Affairs. If any support related to a disability is required during your time with FBS, please submit a student support application. We take these types of requests seriously and will thoroughly review all support applications made to FBS.

Consultation Application

To apply for support, send an email (using one of the links below) or visit FBS Educational Affairs or the Health and Counselling Center’s Accessibility Support Room directly to request a consultation. Please feel free to send an email even if you are not sure if any accommodation is applies to you.

Contact (FBS Educational Affairs)

Contact (Accessibility Support Room, Health and Counselling Center)

Consultation Service for International Students

Osaka University Support Office

Osaka University has established the Support Office to help international students, scholars, and their families live a comfortable life in Japan. The Support Office offers a variety of services, such as visa procedures, housing and orientation for new students. Visit the Support Office website for more information.

The Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE)

The faculty members of Advising Section, in close cooperation with its staff members and other specialists, provide advising and counseling for international students. Consultation is available not only for international students, but also for other people concerned with international students. Visit the Center for International Education and Exchange website for more information.

Osaka University Health and Counselling Center (HaCC)

At the Health and Counselling Center, doctors, counselors, coordinators, medical staff, and trained professionals utilize their respective expertise to provide support for mental health and those affected by harassment as well as assistance with any health issues. Visit the Health and Counselling Center website for more information.

Career Center, Osaka University