2020.5.16 Announcements Regarding measures against COVID-19 (16 May -)

As Osaka Prefecture has relaxed the state-of-emergency declaration on 16 May, we are moving forward toward guradually returning our university activities to normal based on "Osaka Universiy's process for the relaxation of the suspension of the university's activitiy" as following levels of standards.

(Listed only those regarding to student activities)

  • Lessons will be conducted using various types of online media. Regarding the classes which are to start in July (Exercise in Physics and Exercise in Computer Science), we will inform you as soon as we know about the details.
    • Both Ph.D and master students may resume the research suspended with the permission of the lab directors.
    • Ph.D students may be able to come to school to resume the research suspended.
  • All the extracurricular activities are suspended.

The latest information shall be available on the KOAN System. You can also check the KOAN schedule and KOAN message board information on the "My Handai App". Be sure to check KOAN.