Non-degree Research Students

Research students are eligible to take non-credit classes that are related to their research. A similar policy exists for non-degree students.

Research Student "Kenkyusei" is offered to an international student who wishes to research on a specific subject under the supervision of a professor of the Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences. In principle, the day of enrollment is April 1st or October 1st to the end of March of the academic year. Contact to Admission office with the approval of your supervisor.

FBS highly recommend prospective research or graduate students to apply to AAD system through online application before contacting prospective supervisors directly.

Admissions Assistance Desk (AAD)


AAD does not make an admissions decision-it is an admissions assistance system prior to the program application process. If your application is approved by the prospective supervisor, you will be asked to contact the professor directly. However, this "proceed with a direct contact" notice from us does not mean that you would be accepted to your program. After AAD application, you must go through the admission process at FBS.

Please note that it is your responsibility to check and follow the application deadlines. AAD process takes approximately 3 weeks. Therefore, please leave enough time to prepare your application to the program.

Application Guidelines / Application Forms