2021.9.16 Announcements Registration of FBS English Support Session started

We would like to announce a new support system for English language learners beginning this fall (FBS English Support Sessions).

With the cooperation of one of our own currently working at FBS’ Administration Department, Mr. Shannon Yukumi (a native English speaker from America with 15 years of experience as an English instructor*), we will be implementing the following initiatives to improve the English skills of FBS members.

*Before being employed by Osaka University, Mr. Yukumi had previously worked as a university lecturer and business English teacher, EIKEN examiner, manager of an English dispatch company, and has been certified by the University of Cambridge ESOL (CELTA) to teach English.

For those interested, please check the website (BBS) for the program content and preferred dates (there are designated dates and times on the Google calendar and the form for the registration).