Events for international students Welcome Party for New International Students

Date and Time 20 Oct. 2023 (Fri), 15:00-17:00
Place 2F Lounge, BioSystems Building
Notes Pre-registration required

October 20, 2023 (Friday)

We held an FBS Welcome Party for the international students enrolled in October 2023. This event was held to promote exchange beyond the laboratories and the academic year for every student who participated. This time, 26 students including 4 new international students and 6 faculty members participated.

  • Despite the rain, more than 30 people gathered for the event!
  • Introduction of an Advisor for International Students, today’s event’s organizer!
  • Introduction of a former Advisor for International Students. The professor is now responsible for international affairs throughout the university.
  • Introduction of a former Advisor for International Students. The professor still participates in events for international students.
  • Introduction of today‘s main guests, new international students!
  • Toast without a glass to prepare for an exciting game!<
  • The game we prepared was the "Paper Tower Competition"! The rules are simple: See how high each team can build a tower using only paper, without using any tools.
  • First, each team introduced themselves to each other to enhance teamwork.
  • Then a five-minute strategy meeting.
  • Everybody was super focused!
  • Building a tower in the next five minutes!
  • The tower was gradually stacking up.
  • Each team was putting a lot of thought and creativity into it.
  • Look at these fantastic tower designs!
  • The winning team's creation. They dominated both the first and second rounds with exceptional stability.
  • Free time started!
  • Every table was buzzing with conversation.
  • Did everyone have a good time? Here's hoping this event becomes a catalyst for expanding everyone's circle of friends!