Kai Laboratory is looking for students dedicated to the stuides addressing the mystery of germline cells.

FBS holds diverse researchers studying molecular biology, immunology, epigenetics, cell biology and many others. FBS has well-equipped common facilities and offers a variety of learning opportunities. If you wish to enroll, please refer the information about the entrance examination of FBS and contact the Kai-lab staff.

Prof Kai has supervised many PhD students and interns at Canegie Institution, National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University. Taking advantage of her long experience in research in USA and Singapore, we hope to contribute to global human resources.

Admission to FBS PhD course

In FBS, we uptake PhD students twice a year.

International students can take exam via Zoom.

You are not ready? Applicants could study in FBS as research students while preparing for PhD exam and/or admission.

Please check FBS website for financial support. Beginning with students enrolling in AY2024, Osaka University will launch a tuition fee exemption system for privately-funded international students who are of excellent academic standing in the graduate school entrance examinations.

Here is the flow to join Kai-lab:

Application via Admissions Assistance Desk (AAD) > Lab screening on documents > Zoom interview with Prof Kai > Decision

Interested applicants may contact Kai lab members, by sending an e-mail to ‘kai-staff[at]’. Please apply first through AAD of Osaka University.

For students with master degree

If applicants have already master degree, they can be transferred into 3rd year of Ph.D course. Please refer the page link for the details.


申请人请首先通过阪大 AAD 系统进行申请,通过 AAD 的初步筛选后,学生可以通过 Zoom 参加在线面试。

我们希望申请人对生殖细胞、RNA 和模式生物的遗传学相关研究方向感兴趣。请在申请动机中说明为什么想要在这个实验室进行研究,希望进行什么样的研究,以及取得学位后的职业生涯规划。联络邮件与申请材料请使用英语。