We welcome any researchers interested in unveiling the secrets of germline cells. Postdoctral fellowship is available from JSPS. Please contact to Kai-lab staff for any enquiries about this application.

Ph.D students from overseas are strongly encouraged to think of applying financial support from MEXT. Other than that, we do have many ways to support your Ph.D study in Japan.
Please contact to our Student Services Office:

Our department has many programs supporting students from overseas, ex: luncheon seminars, parties and hiking for foreign students.

Prof. Kai has supervised Ph.D students from several different countries in Singapore, NUS and NTU. We support your international research career.

Admission to FBS PhD course

In FBS, we uptake PhD students twice a year.

International students can take exam via Skype.

Interested applicants may contact Kai lab members. Please send your CV with names of three references, formal transcripts from undergraduates or master course, and Statement of Purpose Form (Form D3-2). Statement of Purpose Form can be downloaded from the link.

You are not ready? Applicants could study in FBS as research students while preparing for PhD exam and/or admission.

For students with master degree

If applicants have already master degree, they can be transferred into 3rd year of Ph.D course. Please refer the page link for the details.