Unveiling the secret of
germline cells

Research Theme

Although individual animals do die, the species are maintained by sexual reproduction which give rises to next generation. Individuals are just like vehicles in which passenger –genetic information– can ride to be inherited to next generation through germline lineage. As such, germline cells are the most important cells to maintain the species. Drosophila melanogaster is one of the ideal model organisms where we can study gametogenesis. How are germline stem cells maintained in the microenvironment, niche? What is the molecular mechanism that controls germline cells to mature into egg and sperm? How germline genomes are safely guarded by non-coding RNA from transposons attacks? Our group has been addressing such molecular mechanisms for better understanding of gametogenesis.


We welcome to have an online interview of potential PhD students entering in 2020 Oct, and/or 2021 April! Please contact to; kai-staff@fbs.osaka-u.ac.jp http://www.fbs.osaka-u.ac.jp/labs/kai/en/recruit/
We had a year-end party (Bo-nen kai). We enjoyed our favorite Takoyaki, Osaka soul food!!
A new research student, Adrian, has joined! We have quite many international students here!
We had a summer ending Tako-yaki party!
We got a 3D printer! Now we do not have to buy Eppendorf tube stand and fly vial stand!
A pitcher plant debut in the fly room!
YouTube “Kai Lab Channel” has been opened!
New PhD students, Matsui-san, has joined. Welcome aboard!
We had farewell & welcome party in Kai Lab!

Meeting Attendance

Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conference 5 (APDRC5)
The 42nd Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan
RNA Frontier Meeting 2019
52nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Developmental Biologists