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Self-regulated left-right asymmetric expression of Pitx2c in the developing mouse limb.
Shiratori H, Yashiro K, Iwai N, Oki S, Minegishi K, Ikawa Y, Kanata K, Hamada H.
Dev Biol. 2014 Sep 16.
PMID: 25224222 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


Hydrodynamic phase locking in mouse node cilia.

Takamatsu, A.*, Shinohara, K., Ishikawa, T. and Hamada, H. (2013). Physical Review Letters.110:24810


Asymmetric rotational stroke in mouse node cilia during left-right determination. Takamatsu, A.*, Ishikawa, T. Shinohara, K., and Hamada, H. Physical Review E. 87(5-1):050701


Pih1d3 is required for cytoplasmic preassembly of axonemal dynein in mouse sperm. Dong F, Shinohara K, Botilde Y, Nabeshima R, Asai Y, Fukumoto A, Hasegawa T, Matsuo M, Takeda H, Shiratori H, Nakamura T,Hamada H.

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