Reaction-Diffusion System Simulator

How to play this simulator(遊び方)

select init condition(初期条件の設定)


examples of interesting parameters(面白いパターンを作るパラメータ)

change the parameter values you want to test(パラメータの値を自由に変えることができます)

∂a/∂t=F(a,i) - *a + *Δa
activator synthesis=F(a,i)= *a + *i +
maximum values of F(a,i)=
∂i/∂t=G(a,i) - *i + *ΔI
inhibitor synthesis=G(a,i)= *a + *i +
maximum values of G(a,i)=

This simulator was made for the educational purpose. Anyone can use this simulator in your lectures and classes without permission.I would be grateful if you could notify this simulator to many people by SNS.
###Shigeru Kondo, Osaka University