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What is "Organelle Network Medicine"?

Disease can be thought of as a failure of cellular homeostasis. Just like the control of proper cellular functions, the mechanisms of disease - where cellular functions break down -- are also highly complex. Therefore, it is not sufficient to study disease at the level of single molecules or even molecular networks. Instead, we must understand disease at the level of the organelle network.

Many diseases involve interactions at multiple levels: between causative agents, environmental factors, and the cell itself. This is especially true for microbial infection, in which the pathogen cunningly exploits the organelle network and takes over the cellular machinery in order to reproduce itself. Changes in the organelle network are also essential for the development of other diseases, such as neuromyopathy, autoimmune disease, and cancer.

By understanding disease at the level of the organelle network, we hope to unravel the complex relationships and interactions underlying human disease.  This is the ultimate potential of Organelle Network Medicine.