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Our Achievements

Our faculty has received international recognition in a wide range of fields, listed here along with a few representative examples:


  • creation of Fut8 knockout mice, which demonstrated the role of the Fut8 glycosyltransferase in the mechanism of pulmonary emphysema
  • emonstrating the importance of sugar chain abnormalities in α-dystroglycan in the development of neuromuscular dystrophy

Immunology and Microbiology:

  • elucidating the recognition/reaction mechanisms that occur in the immune system during infection by bacteria, viruses or parasites

Cell Biology:

  • analysis of cyclophilin D-dependent dysfunction of mitochondria, which can cause ischemic disease;
  • determining the molecular mechanism of autophagy-dependent cell death

Clinical Medicine:

  • a study of the onset of schizophrenia due to abnormal expression of DISC1/dysbindin

Our faculty has also made major achievements include many other fields, including pharmacy, dentistry, and others.

In addition to doing world-class science, we have also focused on intensive training of the next generation of cutting-edge researchers. Over the past five years, our program has trained 27 new principal investigators (PIs).

These new PIs have gone on to become academic professors, research directors, project leaders, and section chiefs at major universities, research institutions, and private technology corporations.

We take our training mission very seriously -- young investigators are the future of the life sciences.