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Laboratory of Science & Innovation for pain

To develop a system that estimates the degree of pain without patient consultation.

痛みは最も不快な感覚の一つで、生体の危機を知らせるアラームの役割を担っていますが、長く続く痛みは生体には害となるため、適切な治療が必要です。 しかし、客観的に測定できる方法がありません。痛みの感受性や表出は個人差が大きいので、本当は治療が必要なのに見逃されたり、 不適切な量の痛み治療で、植物状態、薬物中毒になったりします。痛みの認知は複雑なので、すべてを解明できるのはもっと遠い将来だと思っています 。一方で脳から信号を取り出す仕組みは大きな進歩を遂げています。私たちはビッグデータ解析にヒント得て、 たくさんの痛みを感じているデータから痛み成分を取り出し人工知能の助けを借りて、痛みを本人に聞かずに測定できるシステムを開発しています。

Pain is one of the most unpleasant sensations and serves as an alarm to inform living organisms of a crisis. Since prolonged pain is harmful to the living body, appropriate treatment is necessary. However, there is no method that can evaluate pain objectively. The sensitivity and expression of pain vary greatly depending on individuals, so patients who need treatment sometimes fail to receive treatment. Other times, inadequate pain treatment causes severe side effects such as vegetative states or drug addiction. Since process of pain recognition is highly complex and not easily clarified, it is considered to be far too intricate to be able to elucidate everything about pain. Meanwhile, there has been great progress in the feature extracting systems from the brain. With the power of artificial intelligence, we are developing a system which can evaluate pain without taking the verbal information from the patients themselves by drawing out pain data, including its intensity or severity, through the use of big data analysis.

共同研究講座では、痛みの認知に寄与する脳からの生体信号を基に特徴量を抽出し、人口知能を介した判別アルゴリズムの開発を行い、 脳波による疼痛モニタリングシステムを開発する。

In our Science & Innovation Laboratory for pain, we have identified bio-signals from the brain that lead to the perception of pain. Using artificial intelligence, we have also developed an algorithm to distinguish pain & to monitor it, utilizing an electroencephalogram.