Global COE Study Abroad Project

Leo Iijima(Department of Bioinfomatic Engineering)

Date 2012.2.15-21
Purpose Presentation of his study and collaborative study in lab of Nasa Ames Research Center.

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Study meetings

Leo Iijima
Symbiotic network design laboratory,
Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience
Osaka University

I visited NASA Ames research center located in the U.S. San Francisco state from Feb. 19 to Feb 26, 2012. The purpose of this business trip was to give a seminar on my research and to have a study meeting for further research.
 At first, I gave a presentation about my research to scientists at NASA AMES research center. My research focuses on adaptive evolution. The title of my presentation was "Laboratory evolution of thermal adaptive Escherichia coli". I introduced background and question of my research field, methods of laboratory evolution, and results of genome analysis of thermal adaptive Escherichia coli step by step. The audience included researchers using bacteria in extreme environment such as high-temperature and excess radiation and pH, so that they took strongly interest in the adaptation as a result of laboratory experiment. In addition, we discussed from wide viewpoint, which was very useful for me to discuss the results of my research. After presentation, I also proposed the further research. We exchanged opinion about direction and significance of new studies.
Another thing that I have done was to hear a project in NASA. Dr. Lynn Rothschild, I visited in this trip, had started the new project in the field of synthetic biology last year. She explained overview of the project and introduced some themes, creation of bacteria in extreme environment. She also plans to start a laboratory evolution. We discussed about the further research and examined the collaboration.
Furthermore, I visited two laboratories in Stanford University and UC Berkeley, which studies are related to my future research. I got to know about research in each laboratory. In addition, I proposed the further studies and we could discuss about that, which brought to get comprehension of current development in research field.
At last, I deeply appreciate Osaka University and GCOE program to give me an opportunity to go abroad.

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