Global COE Study Abroad Project

Olga Malyshevskaya(Neuroscience Laboratories / Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology Group)

Date 2011.1.7-19
Purpose To participate in the FENS-IBRO-Herite WINTER SCHOOL in University Center Obergurgl, Austria and to make a presentation regarding her work. And to visit to two labs, Center for Molecular Neurobiolgy, Hamburg, Germany.

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(Name) Olga Malyshevskaya

(Name of laboratory) Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology laboratory (Yamamoto laboratory)

(Destination) Obergurgl, Austria

(Purpose) To participate in the FENS/IBRO Hertie winter school. Poster presentations in this meeting.

The main reasons why I decided to participate in this winter school were to get feedback on my project and to broaden my knowledge in neuroscience. It was mainly focused on computational neuroscience, together with discussing advantages from using new methods in neuroscience or combining them (multichannel recordings in-vitro and in-vivo, new neuro-imaging techniques, optogenetics). The challenge for today's systems neuroscience is to understand how populations of neurons process sensory information. Phd students together with Postdocs and senior scientists discussed similarities and differences in neural architectures between species and brain areas. Every participant had a chance to present his poster and get fruitful discussion. I presented my science poster on "Study of activity-dependent cortical axon growth during development using Channelrhodopsin-2 photostimulation". My study was met with approval and interest, I`ve got useful advices and suggestions.

The tradition to hold this school kept for last 12 years. Unfortunately, Japanese  young scientists almost do not participate in these European schools. I think it's a great opportunity to discuss with European colleagues about research in neuroscience. Many European countries made huge impact into neuroscience (for instance, Ramon y Cajal from Spain, Sackman from Germany) and participating in these kind of meetings is a great chance to meet successors  of great neuroscientists and if you are lucky to present your project to them. That's why I would like to recommend Japanese students to apply for this kind of meetings more often.

In the end I want to say that meeting was organized on very high level. I want to thank FENS/IBRO, Hertie foundation for organizing this event and inviting me. And I want to express my deep gratitude to Global COE program for financial support.

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