Global COE Study Abroad Project

Takamitu Morikawa(Special Research Promotion Group / Soft Biosystem Group)

Date 2012.2.24-3.2
Purpose To participate in the Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting and to make a poster presentation.

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(Title) Report on The Biophysical Society's 56th annual meeting

(Name) Takamitsu Morikawa
(Name of Laboratory) Graduate School Of Bioscience, Soft Biosystem Laboratory (Prof. Yanagida)
(Destination) San Diego convention center
(Purpose) To participated in The Biophysical Society's 56th annual meeting at San Diego convention center
 I attended The Biophysical Society's 56th annual meeting, held during February 25th to February 29th, 2012, San Diego. This meeting is the largest meeting of biophysicists. Many biophysicists, more than 6,500 participants, around the world gathered this meeting. In the annual meeting, I attend many workshops, minisymposia, platform sessions and poster presentations. I collected a lot of cutting edge researches.
 In February 26th, I presented a poster titled as "Enhancing temperature and pressure sensitivity of various fluorescent proteins". I enhanced temperature and pressure sensitivity of CFP, GFP and YFP, which were inserted several glycines at -strand 7, nearest -strand of barrel structure. The insertion of glysines changed the conformation of barrel structure and made pole at -strand 7. The pole make the chromophore be easy to interact with water molecules. At my presentation, many of researchers came to see my poster and I discussed with them. Especially, I had good discussion with experts of chemistry and crystal structure.

At last, I want to show my appreciation for financial support from the GCOE program.

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