Global COE Study Abroad Project

Shinichi Yamazaki(Special Research Promotion Group / Soft Biosystem Group)

Date 2012.2.24-3.2
Purpose To participate in the Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting and to make a poster presentation.

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(Title) Report on The Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting
(Name) Shinichi Yamazaki
(Name of Laboratory) Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience, Laboratory for Cell Signaling Dynamics (Prof. Ueda)
(Destination) The San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA
2/24: Itami -> Haneda -> Los Angeles -> San Diego
2/25-29: Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting
2/29-3/2: San Diego -> Los Angeles -> Haneda -> Itami
Purpose : To present my research poster entitled "Regulation of self-organization in chemotactic signaling system by an adhesion-related molecule, talin" and collect the latest information related to our research.
Content : I attended the Biophysical Society's 56th Annual Meeting, held in San Diego, California on February 25-29, 2012. With over 6,000 attendees, the meeting is the largest gathering of biophysicists around the world. A wide variety of research fields were represented, including molecular imaging and dynamics, biophysical simulation and cell motility. The meeting included many oral and poster presentations.
Achievement : In the oral session, I found some interesting reports and collected information relevant to my research field, such as cell motility analysis and adhesion molecule imaging techniques. On February 26, the second day of the meeting, I presented my research. In my poster presentation, I reported the relationship between the phosphatidylinositol lipids system and the adhesion system. Phosphatidylinositol lipids are key signaling mediators for cell motility. Researchers in the fields of lipids systems, cell adhesion and cell motility asked questions and we discussed my research. They gave me good suggestion for my future works. For example, a person studying inositol lipids suggested to me a new experimental idea to test my hypothesis.
Acknowledgement : I would like to show my deep gratitude to all the people who supported my research. Finally, I thank the GCOE program for giving me the opportunity to attend this meeting and for financial support.

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