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Study Abroad Program

The followings are the students' reports on overseas activities including poster sessions, oral sessions, or heated discussions at the international meetings. These precious experiences will provide great benefit for their studies, as well as minds.

*This program is supported by "Takuetsu", one of the subsidies of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan.

Torahiko Higashi
Torahiko Higashi

Participation into the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory meeting

2013.9.9 - 15

Torahiko Higashi
( Molecular genetics laboratory, Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience, Osaka University (Masukata-lab))


I visited Cold Spring Harbor laboratory in New York. My purpose is to introduce the progression of my research and collect the information of other researcher's works. I have visited there two years ago to participate in the same meeting. At the time, I was very nervous because I have gone abroad for the first time. Therefore, It was not easy to give some people understanding of my work and collect the information related to my research. In this instance, I wanted to make use of my past experience and discuss with many people positively in English.

Although I visited New York again, I arrived CSH with a fresh mind probably because I felt more soothed than before. Cold spring harbor laboratory is a clean and green place where there is an inviting laboratory. If I am able to spend my life in academia there, I will get more work done. My motivation to research abroad always increases when I go to there.

This meeting has 5 days and very tight schedule from morning till night. There is about 11 hours out of synchronization with Japan, so it was difficult to keep getting up at afternoon meeting. Japanese researchers often drink some New York coffee to awake from their sleep. In this meeting, oral presentation takes place every day, and poster presentation is scheduled on day 2 and 4 of the meeting. I participated into poster presentation on day 2 of the meeting and introduced the progression of my research for two years. My theme of research is to analysis the molecular mechanism how sister chromatid cohesion is established during DNA replication. In my research, I use the cytoplasmic extracts of Xenopus eggs that recapitulate DNA replication and sister chromatid cohesion in vitro. This meeting's title is "Eukaryotic DNA replication and genome maintenance", but the research of DNA replication was mainly presented there. Therefore, there was a few researchers who study the mechanism of sister chromatid cohesion. However, some people have interested in my study and listened to my presentation. I thought the CSH meeting is a wonderful place again because all of listeners were famous people whose names I have heard in Journal. Especially, I was able to meet and discuss with George L Moldovan, who studies PCNA DNA replication factor using yeast and have reported the data that was very related to my study. The discussion with him was very important for me. Moreover, Susana A Rankin, who also analyze the mechanism of establishment of sister chromatid cohesion using Xenopus egg extract system, came to my poster. I was able to exchange some information with her. Since I participated into oral presentation in previous meeting, I gained important experience only in poster presentation.

On last day, I was able to met one student, who has listened to my presentation two years ago. He remembered my previous work and asked a large number of questions in this time. He was very positive and was not afraid of asking to speakers in oral presentation. In this meeting, I think I achieve my purpose that is to discuss with many people in English. However, I still have no skill to ask a lot of questions in oral presentation in English as the student did. Therefore, I want to increase the ability to communicate in English for the next opportunity.

Finally, I thank FBS program and related people supporting my participation into CSH meeting.