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Study Abroad Program

The followings are the students' reports on overseas activities including poster sessions, oral sessions, or heated discussions at the international meetings. These precious experiences will provide great benefit for their studies, as well as minds.

*This program is supported by "Takuetsu", one of the subsidies of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan.

Tetsuo Umemoto
Tetsuo Umemoto

Report on the 3rd Sino-Japan Symposium of Autophagy

2013.10.13 - 18

Tetsuo Umemoto
( Laboratory of Intracellular Membrane Dynamics, Yoshimori-Lab. / Supervisor: Prof. Tamotsu Yoshimori)


I attended the 3rd Sino-Japan Symposium on Autophagy at Dunhuang, China. Autophagy is an intracellular degradation system that generates nutrients under starvation and defends cells from protein aggregates, invading bacteria and so on. This symposium was launched for developing the autophagy research field and also for promoting friendship between Japanese and Chinese researchers.

I had a fifteen-minute talk about my research in this symposium. Although the speakers in the symposium are usually very famous professors or principal investigators, the organizer kindly gave me this great opportunity. In my presentation, I introduced my unique experimental system to purify autophagosomes with polystyrene beads imitating bacteria, and showed the result about a candidate protein that may be involved in autophagy initiation. After the presentation, my supervisor, Prof. Yoshimori, advised me on my answers to the questions, by which I realized that my answers were too simplified for the audience to understand what I meant. I think I should have considered more before answering and provided additional information that they really want to know. This is a lesson from my first presentation on an international symposium.

After the symposium, I could talk with many people about various things. It is usually not so easy for me to talk with people that I meet for the first time. However, this time, I could naturally start a conversation by discussing my researches. It was an unexpected benefit of giving a presentation. It gave me a chance not only to discuss my research, but also to make friendships with other scientists. I was very glad when a famous professor said to me "good work." I was also inspired by their hardworking and enthusiasm about science.

I sincerely appreciated this opportunity to present my research in this autophagy symposium. Thanks to everyone involved, I could get a lot of leading information in the autophagy field, receive important advices and make friendships with Chinese scientists.