Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Degrees / Certificates


Type of Certificate Day of Delivery Note
Enrollment Certificate 3-7days later
(except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Academic Transcript *ACIM
Degree Granted Certificate(Master's) For students who earn their master's degree at FBS
Expected Degree Granted Certificate(Master's/Doctor's) For doctor's after applying preliminary defense
Certificate of Expected Withdrawal with Master's degree Equivalent to Certificates of Expected Completion
Certificates of Expected Graduation(Doctor's) After applying preliminary defense
Certificate of Expected Withdrawal with Credit Acquisition 5th year student only
Certificate as a MEXT Student 3-4 days later see "MEXT certificate"
If you lose the student ID, obtain a new one at the Student Center

Certificates which noted "ACIM" in above list can be issued by Automatic Cerfiticate Issueing Machine.
Locations are below.
  <SUITA>Suita Student Center, Medical School 1st floor entrance, School of Engineering U1M
  <TOYONAKA>Toyonaka Student Center, Liberal Arts and Sciences Organization Building A 2nd Floor lobby

Other certificate is issued by Student Services Office (DAIGAKUIN-KAKARI). Please read the following.


Submit Application for Certificates to DAIGAKUIN-KAKARI

If you live on a campus far from DAIGAKUIN-KAKARI, a request can be sent via email. In this case, the email must be sent through an "fbs" (Frontier Biosciences) domain email address in order to verify your identity. Otherwise, you can attach a scanned copy of your ID (Student ID, etc.) to the email.


  • Show your stundent ID.
  • Letter of Proxy (no specific format) is required when your deputy receive your certificate
  • Certificates may be delivered by Inter-campus mail. Please request when appyingng

MEXT Certificate

Fill out and submit "Application as a MEXT Student" to DAIGAKUIN-KAKARI.


Student Services Office (DAIGAKUIN-KAKARI)(