Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


"Evolutionary transitions provide insights into RNAi and centromere biology"
Dr. Ines Anna Drinnenberg (CNRS, Institut Curie, Paris)

We will have a seminar by Dr. Ines Anna Drinnenberg (Institut Curie) on Nov. 24. She is studying on centromere biology and RNAi machinery from evolutional viewpoints and recently started her own lab in Paris. We hope that we can hear interesting talk. If you have interests, pleas join us.


Nov 24, 2017 (Fri), 16:00-17:00


2F Seminar room, BioSystems Building


Dr. Ines Anna Drinnenberg (CNRS, Institut Curie, Paris)


Evolutionary transitions provide insights into RNAi and centromere biology


Eukaryotes span a large range of morphological diversity. Yet, many biological pathways that are fundamental for eukaryotic life are highly similar. In order to investigate those pathways, traditional approaches have focused on the conserved aspects of such pathways. Indeed, this is the basis of most model organism research. As an alternative complementary approach, we are investigating unexpected evolutionary transitions in conserved pathways such as exceptional losses of critical pathway components. Analyzing those transitions and their associated consequences provides unique insights that would otherwise remain hidden using traditional approaches. We applied this approach to study two fundamental biological processes, RNA interference (RNAi) and chromosome segregation.



Tel: 06-6879-4428

If you want to speak with Dr. Drinnenberg in person, please let me know. I will arrange the Interview with her.