Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Publishing in High Impact Journals
Tim Spencer, Ph.D. (the Deputy Editor of JCB)


May 1, 2018 (Tue), 15:30-16:30


2F Seminar room, BioSystems Building


Tim Spencer, Ph.D. (the Deputy Editor of JCB)


Publishing in High Impact Journals


Published papers are often seen as the primary currency of academic science. A single such paper can be the result of several years of work by numerous individuals. And yet, it is still unclear to many academic researchers what happens to their paper once they submit it and what the editors of any given journal are looking for. Dr. Tim Spencer, the Deputy Editor of the Journal of Cell Biology, presents an overview of the publishing process from submission to publication which sheds light on the sometimes mysterious process of manuscript submission and editorial/peer review. Dr. Spencer has previously served as a Senior editor of the journal Nature Neuroscience and will also comment on the similarities and differences in the publishing process utilized by JCB and those of other well-known publishers such as Springer Nature, Science, and Cell Press.


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