Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Events for International Students

Graduate School of Frontier biosciences (FBS) offers plenty of opportunities for our students to socialize. Various activities that international students can participate in include informal parties, luncheon meetings, and One-Day Trips and Excursions: Each year, FBS International Affaires organized several one-day trips to destinations within Kansai Area. These excursions are open to International students and their family aim to highlight some of Japanese cultural and historical attractions. They also serve as an ideal opportunity for students to meet up, share experiences, and forge new friendships.

Student Excursions 2017 Spring

Date 2016-03-29
Venue Kobe

There are flowering plants hanging from the ceiling and the whole place had a tropical vibe. In the tropical forest area you are immediately greeted by parrots flying over our head. Most of the zoos in Japan are awful with tiny cages and lonely animals but this place is just a little bit different.

Strawberry Farm is a delightful little spot located in Sand city north of Kobe, they've been harvesting strawberries from January to June. Japanese strawberry is extraordinary sweet. They made us full and feel absolutely happy.

Group photo, in front of the museum

Discovery of well-preserved fossils of an early Cretaceous sauropod dinosaur from Tanba in August 2006. There is a dinosaur laboratory next to the museum. Here you can stand close to fossil of Mammoth.

The fishing cat has a long stocky body and relatively short legs, a short thick tail. They typically inhabits areas of wetland, including swamps and marshy areas. They found in northeastern India, the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal and India, and a few scattered areas in the rest of India, Bangladesh, Indus Valley Pakistan and Sri Lanka. How cute!