Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Colloquium 204

Speaker Aoi Mochizuki (Nano Biophotonics Group (Inouye Lab.)/Department of Applied Physics, M2)
Title Raman spectroscopy of neurons
Date Wed., JAN. 23, 2019, 12:15~13:00
Place 2F Seminar room, BioSystems Building
Host Contact:Hidekazu Ishitobi
Tel :4617

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Raman spectroscopy of neurons

Raman spectroscopy have attracted attention as a non-invasive method to measure the function and distribution of bio molecules in cells without any labeling. Currently our lab. is carrying on a study to clarify the function of neural transmitters in the central nervous system by means of Raman spectroscopy. In the presentation, I will show the examples of Raman spectra and imaging of living hippocampal neurons taken from rat fetuses. I also show the results of Raman spectroscopy of glutamate, which is one of the neuro transmitters.