Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Colloquium 160

Speaker Kanako Kita (Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Researcher)
Title "MIWI2 as an Effector of DNA Methylation and Gene Silencing in Embryonic Male Germ Cells."
Speaker Ippei Nagamori (Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Assistant Prof.)
Title "Transcripts selection as piRNA precursor"
Date Wed. May 17,2017, 12:15~13:00PM
Place 2F Seminar room, Biosystems Building
Host Contact :Shinpei Yamaguchi
Tel :ex. 3722

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〇Speaker 1:Kanako Kita (Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Postdoctoral fellow)

Affiliation:Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Researcher, Osaka University  

Title:"MIWI2 as an Effector of DNA Methylation and Gene Silencing in Embryonic Male Germ Cells." 

〇Speaker 2:Ippei Nagamori (Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Assistant Professor)

Affiliation:Laboratory of Stem Pathology, Osaka University  

Title:"Transcripts selection as piRNA precursor" 

Abstract(Speaker1 & Speaker 2):
     Small RNAs have critical roles for gene regulations and these abnormalities often lead to developmental arrest and/or diseases.  Among small RNAs, we have focused on germ cell specific small RNA, named piRNA (PIWI-interacting RNA).  piRNA functions as "genomic guardian" by repressing retrotransposon, and are essential for germ cell developments.  Mouse piRNA binding protein, MILI (Mouse PIWI like) and MIWI2 (Mouse PIWI2) have crucial roles for piRNA biogenesis and its function, respectively.  We have shown that majority of piRNA are derived from retrotransposons and they contributed for retrotransposon silencing by DNA methylation (Miyagawa et al 2008 Genes & Dev).  Thus, physiological role of piRNA was reported almost 10 years ago, the molecular mechanisms remains elusive.  In this seminar, we introduce recent findings in our lab "how MIWI2 complex induce piRNA-dependent DNA methylation", and "how piRNA-precursor transcripts are selected among a thousands of RNAs".
(Ref. Kita et al., 2016, Cell Rep. ; Nagamori et al., 2015, Cell Rep.)

Contact :Shinpei Yamaguchi
Tel :ex. 3722