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Collaborative institutes
Laboratory of Immune Regulation Chugai Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD.
Optical Nano Device Group
OMRON Corporation

Lab. Members

Toru NAKANO Professor
Shintaro NOMURA Associate Professor
Tohru KIMURA Associate Professor
Kenji KITAJIMA Assistant Professor
Eiko SAKAI Assistant Professor
Satomi MIYAGAWA Postdoctoral Fellow
Toshinobu NAKAMURA Postdoctoral Fellow
Atsushi IKEDA Postdoctoral Fellow
Ayuko SATO Postdoctoral Fellow
Masato TANAKA Graduate StudentD4
Zheng JIE Graduate StudentD3
Kazushige MURAYAMA Graduate StudentD2
Shoko WATANABE Graduate StudentD1
Keisuke KITA Graduate StudentD1
Naoki SHIBATANI Graduate StudentM2
Hiroki UMEHARA Graduate StudentM1
Maya TOMOOKA Graduate StudentM1
Hilo YEN Graduate StudentM1
Noriko ASADA Technical Staff
Megumi IKEUCHI Technical Staff
Aya MIZOGAMI Secretary

Publication list
  1. Tanaka T, Zheng J, Kitajima K, Kita K, Yoshikawa H, Nakano T
    Differentiation Status Dependent Function of FOG-1
    Genes to Cells, in press, 2004

  2. Horie Y, Suzuki A, Kataoka E, Sasaki T, Hamada K, Sasaki J, Mizuno K, Hasegawa G, Kishimoto H, Iizuka M, Naito M, Enomoto K, Watanabe S, Mak TW, Nakano T
    Hepatocyte-specific Pten deficiency results in steatohepatitis and hepatocellular carcinomas
    J Clin Invest, 113: 1774-1783, 2004

  3. Kuramochi-Miyagawa K, Kimura T, Ijiri T, Asada N, Fujita Y, Ikawa M, Isobe T, Iwai N, Okabe M, Deng W, Lin H, Matsuda Y, Nakano T
    mili, a mammalian member of piwi family gene, is essential for spermatogenesis
    Development, 131:839-849, 2004

  4. Nakano T
    Hematopoietic stem cells: generation and manipulation
    Trends Immunol, 24: 589-594, 2003

  5. Ueno H, Sakita-Ishikawa M, Morikawa Y, Nakano T, Kitamura T, Saito M.
    A stromal cell-derived membrane protein that supports hematopoietic stem cells
    Nature Immunol, 4:457-63, 2003

  6. Kimura T, Suzuki A, Fujita Y, Yomogida K, Lomeli H, Asada N, Ikeuchi M, Nagy A, Mak TW, Nakano T.
    Conditional loss of PTEN leads to testicular teratoma and enhances embryonic germ cell production
    Development, 130: 1691-1700, 2003

  7. Suzuki A, Kaisho T, Ohishi M, Tsukio-Yamaguchi M, Tsubata T, Koni PA, Sasaki T, Mak TW, Nakano T.
    Critical roles of Pten in B cell homeostasis and immunoglobulin class switch recombination
    J Exp Med, 197: 657-67, 2003

  8. Suzuki A, Itami A, Ohishi M, Inoue T, Komazawa N, Senoo H, Sasaki T, Takeda J, Manabe M, Mak TW, Nakano T.
    Keratinocyte-specific Pten deficiency results in epidermal hyperplasia, accelerated hair follicle morphogenesis and tumor formation
    Cancer Res, 63:674-81, 2003

  9. Kimura T, Ito C, Watanabe S, Takahashi T, Ikawa M, Yomogida K, Ikeuchi M, Asada N, Fujita Y, Matsumiya K, Okuyama A, Okabe M, Toshimori K, Nakano T.
    Mouse Germ Cell-Less as an essential component for nuclear integrity
    Mol Cell Biol, 23: 1304-15, 2003

  10. Kitajima K, Masuhara M, Era T, Enver T, Nakano T.
    GATA-2 and GATA-2/ER display opposing activities in the development and differentiation of blood progenitors.
    EMBO J, 21:3060-69, 2002

  11. Iwai N, Kitajima K, Sakai K, Kimura T, Nakano T.
    Alteration of cell adhesion and cell cycle properties of ES cells by an inducible dominant interfering Myb mutant.
    Oncogene, 20:1425-34, 2001

  12. Suzuki A, Tsukio-Yamaguchi M, Ohteki T, Sasaki T, Kaisho T, Kimura Y, Yoshida R, Wakeham A, Higuchi T, Fukumoto M, Tsubata T, Ohashi P, Koyasu S, Penninger J M, Nakano T. (corresponding author), Mak T W.
    T-cell specific loss of PTEN leads to defects in central and peripheral tolerance.
    Immunity, 14:523-34, 2001

  13. Era T, Takagi Y, Takahashi T, Bories J C, Nakano T.
    Characterization of hematopoietic lineage specific gene expression by ES cell in vitro differentiation induction system.
    Blood, 95: 870-878, 2000

  14. Takahashi T, Suwabe N, Dai P, Yamamoto M, Ishii S, Nakano T.
    Inhibitory interaction of c-Myb and GATA-1 via transcriptional co-activator CBP.
    Oncogene, 19:134-40, 2000

  15. Motoyama N, Kimura T, Takahashi T, Watanabe T, Nakano T.
    bcl-x prevents apoptotic cell death of both primitive and definitive erythrocytes at the end of maturation.
    J Exp Med, 189: 1691-1698, 1999

  16. Cho S K, Webber T D, Carlyle J R, Nakano T, Lewis S M, Zuniga-Pflucker J-C.
    Functional characterization of B lymphocytes generated in vitro from embryonic stem cells.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 96: 9797-9802, 1999

  17. Era T, Takahashi T, Sakai K, Kawamura K, Nakano T.
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    Blood, 89:1207-1213, 1997

  18. Nakano T, Kodama H, Honjo T.
    In vitro development of primitive and definitive erythrocytes from different precursors.
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    Generation of lymphohematopoietic cells from embryonic stem cells in culture.
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    Mutations in v-myb alter the differentiation of myelomonocytic cells transformed by the oncogene.
    Cell, 63:1287-1297, 1990

  23. Nakano T, Waki N, Asai H, Kitamura Y.
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    Blood, 74:1552-1556, 1989

  24. Nakano T, Waki N, Asai H, Kitamura Y.
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  25. Nakano T, Waki N, Asai H, Kitamura Y.
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    Blood, 73:425-430, 1989

  26. Nakano T, Waki N, Asai H, Kitamura Y.
    Long term monoclonal reconstitution of erythropoiesis in genetically anemic W/Wv mice by injection of 5-fluorouracil treated bone marrow cells of Pgk-1b/Pgk-1a mice.
    Blood, 70:1758-1763, 1987

  27. Hamaguchi Y, Kanakura Y, Fujita J, Takeda S, Nakano T, Tarui S, Honjo T, Kitamura Y.
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    J Exp Med, 165:268-273, 1987

  28. Nakano T, Sonoda T, Hayashi C, Yamatodani A, Kanayama Y, Yamamura T, Asai H, Yonezawa T, Kitamura Y, Galli S J.
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    J Exp Med, 162:1025-1043, 1985

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