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Collaborative institutes
Laboratory of Immune Regulation Chugai Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD.
Optical Nano Device Group
OMRON Corporation

Lab. Members

Kazumasa Umeda Postdoctoral Fellow
Taijiro Doi Postdoctoral Fellow
Atsuko Maruyama JST Researcher
Yuri Shinomoto JST Technical Assistant
Koji Ikezoe Graduate Student(D3)
Yasuyo Kotake Graduate Student(D3)
Shingo Tanaka Graduate Student(D3)
Mikio Inagaki Graduate Student(D3)
Takahiro Doi Graduate Student(D2)
Yoshiya Mori Graduate Student(D2)
Yasutaka Okazaki Graduate Student(D1)
Hiroshi Shiozaki Graduate Student(D1)
Takahiro Okada Graduate Student(M2)
Maki Takano Graduate Student(M2)
Masaki Himeno Graduate Student(M2)
Takayuki Wakatsuchi Graduate Student(M2)
Shuntaro Aoki Graduate Student(M1)
Keisuke Kunizawa Graduate Student(M1)
Daisuke Hosoyama Graduate Student(M1)
Tomofumi Oga Graduate Student(M1)
Kyoko Yoshimura Secretary

Publication list

Original papers (English)

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Reviews and Book chapters (English)

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