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Laboratory of Immune Regulation Chugai Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD.
Optical Nano Device Group
OMRON Corporation

Lab. Members

 Nobuhiko Mizuno  Postdoctoral Researcher
 Toshinori Hayashi  Postdoctoral Researcher
 Mitsuji Maruhashi  Graduate Student
 Noriyuki Nishioka  Graduate Student
 Miho Matsumata  Graduate Student
 Hiroki Yoda  Graduate Student
 Shinya Tanaka  Graduate Student
 Tatsuya Takemoto  Graduate Student
 Aki Yoshimoto  Graduate Student
 Tomonori Deguchi  Graduate Student
 Aki Nogimori  Graduate Student
 Tomoya Miyoshi  Graduate Student
 Yoko Ikegami  Technician
 Keiko Nagayama  Secretary


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