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After successfully passing the exam

Entry and Residence in Japan (Visa, Status of Residence)

Tuition Fees and Tuition Fee Exemption


Osaka University Guarantor System for Foreign Student Rental Housing

The Osaka University Guarantor System for Foreign Student Rental Housing (hereafter referred to as the "institutional guarantor system") allows the university to be the guarantor, in the name of the Director of the Department of International Affairs, for a foreign student enrolled at Osaka University who is unable to find another guarantor when entering rental housing. The procedure can be performed through the office of the school/graduate school where the student is enrolled.

[Requirements for use of the institutional guarantor system]

  1. Types of foreign students who qualify
    Undergraduate students, graduate students, special auditors, special research students, research students
  2. Conditions
    1. The prescribed format must be used for the contact (Building Rental Agreement For the Osaka Area Student Rental Housing Guarantor System).
    2. The student must sign up for the "comprehensive renter's insurance for foreign students studying inn Japan" offered by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, and must renew this insurance if the student continues to meet the qualifying conditions and live in the same residence.
    3. The housing may be shared only in the following circumstances.
      • Sharing with family members
        "Family members" shall be limited to a spouse, children, and young siblings studying in Japan with student visa.
      • Room sharing
        Any foreign student who is enrolled at Osaka University, one of the student types listed in No. 1 above.
        * In this case, all residents must sign up for the "comprehensive renter's insurance for foreign students studying in Japan"

While enrolled at the graduate school

Entry and Residence in Japan (Visa, Status of Residence)

Residence Card: Permission for Extending Period of Stay

If you wish to extend your permitted term of residence, you must apply for an extension at the immigration office prior to your expiration date. One is allowed to apply starting 3 months prior to the expiration date. Make sure to apply well in advance since the immigration office is very busy? especially in March, April, September and October. After you submit the application form to the immigration office, a notice is sent to the applicant in about 2 weeks. After you receive the notice, you visit the Regional Immigration Office with the notice, passport and 4,000 yen as fee. Then a new residence card with the new expiration date is issued.


Application for Extension of Period of Stay (The application form is available at the Immigration Bureau, or it can be downloaded from the Ministry of Justice homepage. The Support Office also provides it.)
*Organization part of the application has to be made by the Student Services Office.

  • ID Photo (4cm×3cm) Attach on the 1st page of the application
  • Passport, Residence Card (or Alien Registration Card)
  • Student registration certificate, Transcript (In case of a research student; Certificate of the research activities)
  • Document certifying that you have the means to pay for all the expenses incurred during your stay in Japan, such as Bank statement, Certificate of Scholarship etc.
  • Fee: 4,000 yen

*The Immigration Bureau might require other additional documents for the application.

Application Procedures for Conditional Work Permit

International students generally have the resident status of "College Student" which is prescribed for those who are in Japan to receive guidance for education and research. It thereby follows that while in Japan, the activities of such international students are limited to those that correspond to the purpose that is assigned to their visa. If international students with the residential status of "College Student" wish to work, they must obtain a permit for extra activities through Osaka University issued by the Immigration Bureau before they start working. There are two ways to apply for the permit.
  1. Applying through the university (Contact Us: )
  2. Applying in person

Tuition Fees and Tuition Fee Exemption


Health and medical

the "24 hours Inbound Emergency Support System"

Osaka University decided to implement the "24 hours Inbound Emergency Support System" which provides consultation and advise for accidents, health problems and other accidents might occur in your daily life while your stay in Japan as an Osaka University student.

Consultation is conducted by the telephone and E-mail. This system is offered in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Japanese), please contact to "JAPAN IR&C SUPPORT CENTER" in case when you're involved in any accidents and troubles.

You may use the service when:

  • You are in troubles and don't know how to respond.
  • You are having difficulty solving problems because of language and cultural differences etc.


  • Language: Japanese/English/Chinese
  • TEL (toll-free): 0120-119-075 (daily, 24 hours)
  • E-mail:
    ※Please use E-mail service if you're not in an urgent situation.

※Please note that the telephone dialogues relating to consultation/advice will be automatically recorded for the purpose of maintaining the service quality.

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Foreign Students in our Graduate School (2016.4.5)

Country Current Students Alumni Total
Graduate School *RS, etc Total
Australia 1     1     2   2
Algelia         1   1   1
Bangladeshi     1   1   2   2
Bergium               1 1
Brasil               1 1
China 2 2 5 3   4 16 9 25
Ethiopia       1     1   1
Egypt       1     1   1
Greece               1 1
Germany           1 1 8 9
Hungary         1   1   1
India       1   1 2 4 6
Indonesia 2           2 3 5
Iran   1         1 2 3
Kenya               1 1
Korea 2     1 2   5 2 7
Malysia     1 1 1   3 1 4
Nigeria     1       1   1
Nederland         1   1   1
Pakistan               1 1
Peru               1 1
Philippines               1 1
Russia     1       1 1 2
Srilanka               1 1
Spain               1 1
Switzerland               1 1
Taiwan               3 3
Thailand               1 1
Tunisia       1     1   1
Turkey     2 1     3 2 5
UK               1 1
USA     1       1   1
Uzubkistan         1   1   1
Viet Nam 1           1   1
Total 8 3 14 11 8 6 48 47 95

*RS: Research Students