Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Non-Resident Professors

Students who belong to Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences can get a degree under the research guidance of interlocking professors as follows.

Majors / Courses Name
【Graduate School of Science】
Quantum Physics Akutsu Group, Department of Physics Professor
Yasuhiro Akutsu
Laboratory of Macromolecular Structure, Department of Macromolecular Structure Professor
Katsumi Imada
Laboratory of Cell Motility, Department of Biological Science Professor
Takahide Kon
Laboratory of Cell Biology, Department of Biological Science Professor
Kenji Matsuno
【Graduate School of Medicine】
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Assistant Professor
Osamu Tsukamoto
Department of Microbiology and Immunology Assistant Professor
Junichi Kikuta
Department of Microbiology and Immunology Assistant Professor
Yoshiki Omatsu
Department of Internal Medicine Professor
Iichiro Shimomura
Department of Physiology Professor
Yasushi Okamura
Department of Anatomy Professor
Toshihide Yamashita
Department of Health and Sport Sciences Professor
Hiromichi Sato
【United Graduate School of Child Development】
Division of Developmental Neuroscience Professor
Makoto Sato
【Graduate School of Dentistry】
Department of Oral Frontier Biology Professor
Takeshi Noda
【Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences】
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine Professor
Takefumi Doi
【Graduate School of Engineering】
Division of Electrical, Electronic and information Engineering Professor
Tetsuya Yagi
Division of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering Professor
Kunio Awazu
【Research Center for Ultra-High Voltage Electron Microscopy】
Research Division of Applied Materials- and Bio- Sciences Professor
Kaoru Mitsuoka
【Graduate School of Engineering Science】
Department of Materials Engineering Science Professor
Shinji Sakai
【Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research】
Department of Biomolecular Science and Engineering Professor
Takeharu Nagai
【Institute for Protein Research】
Laboratory of Protein Profiling and Functional Proteomics Professor
Toshifumi Takao
Laboratory for Molecular and Developmental Biology Professor
Takahisa Furukawa
Laboratory of Protein Synthesis and Expression Professor
Junichi Takagi
【Cybermedia Center】
Learge-Scale Computational Science Research Division Professor
Macoto Kikuchi
Learge-Scale Computational Science Research Division Associate Professor
Hajime Yoshino
【Research Institute for Microbial Deseases】
Research Center for Infectious Disease Control Professor
Tetsuya Iida
Division of Infectious Disease Professor
Yasuhiko Horiguchi
Division of Infectious Disease Professor
Yoshiharu Matsuura
Division of Cellular and Molecular Biology Professor
Hiroaki Miki
Division of Host Defense Professor
Shou Yamasaki
Division of Infectious Disease Professor
Masahiro Yamamoto
Endowed Chair Endowed Chair Professor
Tarou kinoshita
【Immunology Frontier Research Center】
Laboratory of Host Defense Specially Appointed Professor
Shizuo Akira
Experimental Immunology Specially Appointed Professor
Shimon Sakaguchi
Lymphocyle Differentiation Specially Appointed Professor
Tomohiro Kurosaki
Immune Regulation Specially Appointed Professor
Tadamitsu Kishimoto
Biochemistry & Immunology Endowed Chair Professor
Shigekazu Nagata
Immunology and Cell Biology Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Masaru Ishii
【Center for Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences】
Department of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Associate Professor
Satoshi Shimegi
【Institute for Open and Transdisciplinary Research Initiatives】
Cevayir Coban
Associate Professor
Diego Diez
【Institute for Advanced Co-Creation Studies】
Associate Professor
Shuhei Nakamura