Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Thesis Archive


Student Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Takashi Fukagawa Ichiro Fujita Purification of rod and cone outer segment from carp retina and proteomic analysis of their membrane proteins.
Lee Michelle Sue Jann Coban Cevayir Plasmodium products persist in the bone marrow and promote chronic bone loss
Brit Gracy David Toshio Yanagida Substrate and nucleus connections to actin filament mediate embryonic stem cell differentiation
Hironobu Kitagawa Nobuhiko Yamamoto A Study of Activity-Dependent Dynamics of the Transcription Factor CREB in Cortical Neurons Revealed by Single-Molecule Imaging
Satoshi Hara Ryuichi Shirasaki Formation of Interstitial Branches Selectively Within the Red Nucleus by Deep Cerebellar Nuclei-Derived Commissural Axons During Target Recognition
Yuri Uemura Toru Nakano Matrin3 binds directly to intronic pyrimidine-rich sequences and controls alternative splicing
Takamasa Ishidome Tomohiro Kurosaki Induction of Live Cell Phagocytosis by a Specific Combination of Inflammatory Stimuli
Brown Zuben Patrick Jyunichi Takagi Development of a versatile domain mapping system for intermediate-resolution electron microscopy using a portable peptide tag
Boubakri Meriam Takahisa Furukawa Functional role of intraflagellar transport protein ift122 in opsin transport and its effect on photoreceptor degeneration
Temizoz Burcu Ken Ishii Immunological mechanism of synergistic anti-cancer activities by activation of TLR9 and STING
Takeshi Kaneyama Ryuichi Shirasaki Post-Crossing Segment of dI1 Commissural Axons Forms Collateral Branches Selectively to Motor Neurons in the Developing Mouse Spinal Cord
Ryosuke Takeuchi Ichiro Fujita Functional microarchitecture and neuronal connectivity rule in areas V1 and V4 of the macaque visual cortex
Keita Aoi Masaru Ishii Oral mucosa-specific macrophage subsets contribute to tolerance induction in sublingual immunotherapy
Hirofumi Ukai Takeshi Noda Gtr/Ego-independent TORC1 activation is achieved through a glutamine sensitive interaction with Pib2 on the vacuolar membrane
Takashi Kozuka Takahisa Furukawa Role of TRPM1 channel in retinal circuit development
Tomofumi Sakai Keiichi Namba Functional analysis of the bacterial flagellar hook and rotor mutants.
Mitsuru Higa Takashi Nagasawa Regulation of inflammatory responses by dynamic subcellular localization of RNA binding protein Arid5a
Taro Furubayashi Norikazu Ichihashi Sustainability and evolution of a simple host-parasite RNA replicator system
Moe Yamada Toshihide Yamashita Increased expression of FLRT3 in dorsal root ganglion neuron induces neuropathic pain.
Lee Hyun Takashi Nagasawa Expression mechanism and function analysis of Leucine rich α-2 glycoprotein (LRG) as a biomarker for renal disease
Chen Ting Yoshichika Yoshioka Developing a new biofunctional imaging method using ultra-high field MRI system with SPIO
Toshihide Yoshioka Ichiro Fujita Difference in representation of stereoscopic depth between visual areas MT and V4 in the macaque monkey
Shigenori Inagaki Takeharu Nagai Development of a genetically encoded chemiluminescent voltage indicator and its application to biological research
Mizuho Inai Kunio Awazu Cytotoxic mechanism of membrane targeting photosensitizer-incorporated HVJ-E in prostate cancer
Taro Kaiju Toshio Yanagida High density multi-channel recording of electrocorticographic signals.
Chisa Aoyama Satoshi Shimegi The functional role of visual factors in a successive visuomotor response under temporal constraints
Horvath Peter Keiichi Namba High resolution structural analysis of the flagellar hook of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium