Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


Thesis Archive


Student Name Supervisor Thesis Title
Metwally,Hozaifa Saad KISHIMOTO Tadamitsu Arid5a expression is induced through a novel TRIF-dependent IKKβ/TBK1/STAT1 signaling axis in response to TLR4 stimulation in human macrophages.
FUJII Yuki UEDA Masahiro Analysis of roles of NurA and HerA in DNA repair in Thermus thermophilus
Hailu Yohannes Gemechu KISHIMOTO Tadamitsu Humanized Cereblon Mice Revealed Two Different Therapeutic Pathways of Immunomodulatory Drugs.
MINAMI Sorato YANAGIDA Toshio Functional roles of alpha oscillations in visual perception and their neuroanatomical basis
BILIR SUKRIYE HIRAOKA Yasushi A study for the roles of Nup133, Nup153 and membrane fenestrae in post-mitotic nuclear pore complex formation
PANINA YULIA YANAGIDA Toshio Development of a new high-precision quantification methodology for gene expression analysis and its application in iPS cells
LEACH SARAH GRACE KUROSAKI Tomohiro Influenza hemagglutinin stem-specific memory B cell activation provides protection following heterologous viral infection
SABHARWAL LAVANNYA ISHII Masaru The role of Presenilin-1 (Psen1) as a scaffold protein in the NF-_B mediated inflammation
MIYAGAWA Takero UEDA Masahiro Structural basis for the Gip1-mediated sequestration of heterotrimeric G proteins in the cytosol for wide-range chemotaxis
KINUGASA Yasuha HIRAOKA Yasushi Molecular mechanisms for genome stability maintenance by nuclear membrane proteins in fission yeast
UEDA Akiko YAMAMOTO Nobuhiko The role of DNA polymerase β in postnatal hippocampal and cortical neuron development
HAMAGUCHI Machika YAMASHITA Toshihide Circulating transforming growth factor-β1 facilitates remyelination in the adult central nervous system
MAEDA Takahiro NAKANO Toru Stress-dependent activation of p53 induces the transition to 2-cell embryo-like state of mouse ESC
YASHIROGI Shohei TAKASHIMA Seiji Regulation of microtubules dynamic instability by AMPK in cardiomyocytes
YAMAMOTO Kentaro YOSHIMORI Tamotsu Analysis of the LC3-II formation by a novel chemical compound which binds to ATG16L1
WAKABAYASHI Masahiro SATO Hiromichi 美的経験を形成する心的情報処理メカニズムに関する実証的研究
HU LIUYING TAKAKURA Nobuyuki Endothelial cell-derived Apelin inhibits tumor growth through elevating tumor immunity by enhancing CCL8 chemokine production
LIU QIUSHI KURODA Syunichi Studies on the functional domains involved in hepatitis B virus early infection machinery
ASANO TEIZO UEDA Masahiro Transducin activates cGMP phosphodiesterase by trapping inhibitory subunit freed spontaneously from the catalytic subunits in solution
SASAKI Kensuke YAMAMOTO Nobuhiko A study on the function of Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factors in axon branching of developing cortical neurons
SHIOZAWA Kei HAMADA Hiroshi Left-right asymmetric intraciliary calcium transient at the node correlated to left-right determination in mouse embryo
LYNDA LAMRI KONDO Shigeru Ciliogenesis-induced localization of ciliary proteins in a non-ciliary and non-centriolar compartment
MAYUMI IKEDA AKASHI Mitsuru Platform Establishment of Analytical Development, Characterization, Quality and Cardiotoxicity Evaluation for Amphiphilic Poly(γ-glutamic acid) as Raw Material and Nanoparticles
TSUKAMOTO Yoshinari AKASHI Mitsuru Studies on Fabrication of 3D-Engineered Cardiac Tissues with Living Tissue Like Structure Using Cell and Extracellular Environment Manipulation Technique
HAMAYA Masashi YANAGIDA Toshio Leveraging Physical User-robot Interactions for Modeling and Control of Exoskeleton Robots