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Message from Students

Mr. David Virya Chen

A message for those who seek knowledge

Laboratory of Cancer Biology
Mr. David Virya Chen  

Dear Future Scientist,

Are you sure that only biology would be enough to compete in the future science field? Have you ever thought how many expert biologists are there now and will be there in the future?

By reflecting upon those questions, it is clear that to become an expert only in a single field is not enough to be qualified as a next generation scientist. We will certainly lose and become a commoner if we hold on with this "single expertise" view. Using both theory in evolution and/or economy, we can predict that if we only have limited skill, we are going to be excluded by the natural selection or just lost our bargaining values.

Therefore, the decision is yours to make. Throughout the time, FBS has been proven to have a dynamic and continuous development. FBS commitment is to provide an integrated research with worldwide collaboration. By equipping the graduate students with wide range of skills, they ensured that FBS graduate will be able to compete as a next generation scientist.

So, are you coming with us?