Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Osaka University


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Ms. Tatli Meltem

My dream work

Ms. Tatli Meltem  
Protonic NanoMachine Group
Prof. Namba

Three years ago first time when I came to Osaka University for Young's Researcher's Retreat, I was surprised and happy to be such an environment with many international students from different countries. We discussed about various scientific topics and enjoyed historical texture of Kyoto. Then, I had a chance to have a tour at Protonic Nanomachines laboratory, I was amazed to see how well equipped it is, I was sure I wanted to study here. After that I was accepted to five year Ph.D. program of FBS at Osaka University and my life in Japan has started.

One thing I am really happy about, responsibilities are shared equally at lab and the organization of the laboratory from technicians to professors, is very well established.

It is a very nice experience for me to live in Osaka that local people are very friendly and curious. Don't hesitate to ask people, if you are in trouble!