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Mr. Peter Horvath

My way the FBS.

JEOL YOKOGUSHI Research Alliance Laboratories
Mr. Peter Horvath  

I obtained my MSc diploma in Hungary. I wrote my thesis at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Peter Tompa's group. That is where I first heard about cryo-EM and professor Keiichi Namba's laboratory. It was evident that I want to continue my studies in his laboratory, participating in the developing field of cryo-EM. The reason is quite simple and comprehendible: cutting edge research and the latest technology available in this laboratory. Nowadays high technology equipments are inevitable to succeed in the worldwide competition between laboratories all over the world in order to solve yet unknown protein structures. Namba laboratory has a unique tool park among the leader's of structural biology laboratories. It allows the members to carry out high quality, cutting edge research in the field of nanobiology. The cooperative, experienced laboratory staff helps to tackle the difficult issues.

The laboratory also offers leading research for researchers working in the field of genetics or fluorescence microscopy. It is a multidisciplinary laboratory where people with different background can find their place and become a part of an inspiring research community.