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FBS is the place where your dream is happening

Nano Biophotonics Group

"Do you have a dream?", which was a question people frequently asked me on my different life stages. My answer was brief: "Yes, absolutely!" Living without a dream is like sailing without a compass. Due to my original dream, to explore the micro-world, my research work was involved in preparation of high quantum yield near-infrared fluorescent gold and silver nanoclusters by multi-functional polymer ligands and their biological applications in hematopoietic cells during my BSc and MSc periods in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China).

To further study and research, I chose Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences (FBS), Osaka University for my doctorate, which possesses more developed and suitable scientific research environment. Nowadays I focus on the synthesis of longer emission wavelength platinum nanoclusters, which exhibit a multitude of advantages, e.g., smaller size, more excellent stability, lower toxicity and better biocompatibility, comparing to common fluorophores. These platinum nanoclusters are expected to apply in field of cell imaging and drug delivery as an alternative fluorescent bio-marker. During my present study period, I am so impressed by the well-designed equipment here as well as the excellent academic atmosphere. As a foreign student, the supervisor, classmates and faculties in FBS have given me a lot of concern about my work and daily life, which ensures my research work progressed smoothly.

Now my dream is devoted myself to the study of the nanomaterials and bioscience. If you have the same dream, FBS is your best choice. Because FBS is the place where your dream will be happening.