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Organismal Biosystems Laboratories
Developmental Genetics Group

Yanick Botilde, Ph.D.  

It is after obtaining a degree in Biological sciences and a master in applied biology in Belgium that I decided to join the Ph.D. program in Frontier Biosciences graduate school at Osaka University.

Initially, I was seduced by the interdisciplinary approach being developed at FBS, where my expertise in molecular biology could be shared with researchers from different fields and enriched with lot of various knowledge and techniques initially absent from my curriculum. In addition, I was really eager to work in a multicultural environment, convinced by the importance of international exchanges in this era of worldwide communication and research.

Indeed, studying at the developmental genetics group, led by Professor Hiroshi Hamada, got me involved in a wide range of topics in the ever-growing fields of mammalian development and ciliary biology. My project initially started as an investigation on Left-right asymmetry determination; and quickly took an unexpected turn toward the exciting study of primary cilium regulation. The challenges faced by trying to uncover the role of a single flagellar gene at both cellular and organismal levels revealed to be an amazing opportunity to achieve such a multidisciplinary experience in topics from biochemistry to imaging techniques. I am sure that this type of extended, broad knowledge will more than probably be determinant for any professional career.

I am for the present time continuing my research as a postdoctoral research fellow. In the near future I am willing to continue to use and develop my skills as a scientist outside FBS as well as promote the need for international exchanges in research environment.

For prospective future FBS students and researchers, I would just say that the hardest thing about studying in Osaka is not to move to Japan, but to dare to leave your former place!