COE海外派遣 レポート


西 良太郎(時空生物学講座 細胞構造研究グループ D2)
派遣目的:ASM (the America Society for Microbiology) Conference, DNA Repair and Mutagenesis: From Molecular Structure to Biological Consequencesに参加し、研究成果発表を行う(バミューダ)

Report on an oversea trip supported by COE program

ASM conference on DNA repair and mutagenesis; From molecular structure to biological consequences

Poster presentation at ASM conference on DNA repair and mutagenesis.

11/13 Narita international airport (Japan)-JFK (U.S.A)-Bermuda international airport (U.K.)
11/14-19 ASM conference on DNA repair and mutagenesis; From molecular structure to biological consequences
11/20-21 Bermuda international airport (U.K.)-JFK (U.S.A)-Narita international airport (Japan)

Results and Perspectives
At the international conference, I made a poster presentation on a newly identified factor that participated in nucleotide excision repair. In this poster session, I discussed some issues with foreign researchers and got some useful advices on our research. Among these advices, especially effective advices on frontier techniques which would be utilized to our research-atomic force microscope or photo bleaching assay using fluorescence microscope-were suggested. This conference focused on various researches into DNA repair ? base excision repair, nucleotide excision repair, for example. In addition, this conference also had many sessions concerned with biological consequences of molecular defects in DNA repair pathways. Therefore, although I now research on a protein complex that participates in early step of nucleotide excision repair, this conference enable me to understand systematically the following effect of molecular defects of various field of DNA repair. Furthermore, in poster session many unpublished data were presented. These posters presented some topics which would be great advantage to put forward our research. On the other hand, I got acquainted with some researchers and seized opportunity to make joint research. So that, I will continue our research that will take into account into some information obtained through this conference.
Finally, I thank COE program for support of this trip.