COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on the (1) the presentation at at the Neuroscience 2004 34th Annual MeetingiSan Diego, U.S.A.)

Kazumasa Umeda , Doctoral student

Report on the presentation at the 34th annual meeting of society for neuroscience

Outline of this work
(1) Purpose
Attending to the annual meeting of the society for neuroscience and present my study

(2) Schedule and details
10/21 Departure from Kansai international airport (it was delayed by the typhoon on the previous day)
10/21 Arrival at Los Angels and lodging there
10/22 Arrival at San Diego and attended to the satellite seminar
10/23-27 Annual meeting (my presentation was at 10/27)
10/28 Departure from San Diego
10/29 Arrival at Kansai international airport
Neuroscience 2004 34th Annual Meeting took place in San Diego, U.S.A. from 10/23 ? 27, and the satellite seminar was also had previously. I attended both of them, and I posted my study.

(3) Results
First, it was a grateful experience for me to attend the biggest meeting of neuroscience in the world. I heard that total participants got about 30000! That means there are so many competitors and cooperators in scientific researches, and I must win the rivalry if I want to have good researches. So many interesting sessions and presentations took place every day. In spite of I picked out only those about visual cortices, I missed some of them. In talk session, I could feel from ambiance of the room, ewhat was hot?f and ewhat was an excellent study?f Good studies called many audiences and cause interesting discussions. In poster session, each poster was exciting, and both presenter and audience are eager to discuss. If I hesitated to have discussion in English, I got nothing.
Second, I heard some special lectures in this meeting. Those were not only interesting, told me the basic concept and history of scientific researches. I also studied from them the technique of talk fascinating audiences.
Third, the biggest profit of this work was the discussions with audiences from various laboratories come to my poster. The biggest profit of this work was the discussions with them. I could also have some discussions with Dr. Cumming and his colleges, who framed the paradigm of my study. They told me unpublished results of their study, and that was helpful for me.

(4) Perspectives
To answer some of questions from audiences in this meeting, I will add the advanced analyses and experiments.