COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on the Poster Presentation at Biophysical Society 49th Annual Meeting(U.S.A.)

Masahiro Takahashi, Master's course student

Report on participation in Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting

Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting (Long Beach, CA, USA)

To participate in Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting, and obtain information on single-molecule imaging in living cell

2/11 Osaka (Japan) Los Angels (USA) Long Beach
2/11-16 Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting (Long Beach, CA, USA)
2-17-18 Long Beach (USA) Los Angels Osaka (Japan)

Result and Prospective
At the meeting, I obtained information mainly on two fields. One was related to single-molecule imaging in living cell. Another was protein dynamics in transcription and translation.
My current work is single-molecule imaging of heterotrimeric G-proteins in living cells. In single-molecule imaging sessions, some researchers presented the single-molecule imaging of G-protein. Recently, it is suggested that some membrane proteins are slowed in raft on the membrane. They showed that G-protein has two diffusion coefficient, and moves slow in raft on the membrane. Next, I participated in sessions about transcription and translation. In these sessions, it is interesting to me that they used engineered DNA or RNA, not proteins, to examine the mechanism of proteins, ribosome, polymerase and helicase, for example. It is easy to engineer and label DNA and RNA with fluorescent probe. They clearly showed the kinetics of proteins in detail, although they didn't observe the protein directly. In poster session, a new method of measuring G activation was presented. In this method, Gactivation was observed by use of photolabeled peptide, whose wavelength is changed by interacting activated G.
Now, I labeled G-protein directly. But I cannot observe the activation of G-protein now. Attending the meeting, I think I need to observe not only behavior of G-protein but also the activation and inactivation.
I was excited about the meeting. I thank COE program for support of this trip.