COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on participation in Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting(U.S.A.)

Masatoshi Morimatsu, Master's course student

Report on participation in Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting

<Result and Prospective>
I took part in the Biophysical Society 47th Annual Meeting. At the meeting, I felt that many researchers use Single Molecule techniques (Imaging techniques, Nanometry techniques etc) and many researchers develop such techniques to know the dynamics of single molecule in detail. From the fact, we can say that Single Molecule techniques are the most important things when we research in biophysical field. But we cannot understand the physiological phenomenon by only dynamics of single molecule. So, some researchers have tried to know the cooperation with molecules. After this, I wonder more researchers try to do. Next stage of single molecule techniques may be coming in biophysical field.
After the meeting, I visited Professor Reisler's laboratory in UCLA to discuss the research. He studies Actin filament and his research is related to my research, Myosin. Myosin moves along Actin filament, but it is not just erailf for Myosin. I think that there is another system between Actin and Myosin. Each Myosin does not move by myself and cooperate with other myosin, Actin and other molecules. By the way, discussing the researches was significant for me.
Through this travel, I can experience and learn the various things. Many researchers have ideas which I havenft thought ever. So, I must absorb the good point, take advantage the good way, and have better result. After this, I think that I study hard to present my data next meeting.

Finally, I appreciate this COE support for this travel.