COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on the the Attendance to the Biophysical Society 49th Annual Meeting in Long Beach (U.S.A.)

Satomi Matsuoka, Doctoral course student

This visit was planned for three purposes. The first purpose was to discuss my work with other researchers in the world. I believed that my finding of normal chemotactic behavior of Dictyostelium cells which have defects in lipid composition and known signaling pathway has some significance for the researches both on chemotactic signaling and membrane lipids. I wanted to hear opinions on my work from various researchers in the world. The second purpose was to learn from the latest researches in the world. Finally, the purpose of this visit was also to get used to discuss in English. For these purposes, I planned to attend 49th annual meeting of Biophysical Society in United States of America. I chose this meeting because I knew that attendees of this meeting have large attention on the role of membrane lipids. Advices from them seemed to be most useful. In addition, I thought that I could hear many presentations on resent studies.

I participated in the 49th annual meeting of Biophysical Society in United States of America. The meeting was held from 12th to 16th on February 2005 at Convention Center in Long Beach, Los Angeles. Poster sessions were scheduled everyday and my poster presentation was scheduled on 15th on February. I presented a poster whose title was gAberrant regulation of PI(3,4,5)P3-dependent pathway in a lipid metabolism mutant during normal chemotaxish. During the meeting, we had 18 periods of oral presentation, and multiple symposium and platform sessions were held in each period at the same time. There were 20 symposium and I attended 4 symposium which were focused on advances in single-molecule detection techniques and fluorescence microscopy. There were 64 platform sessions and I attended 10 of them mainly focused on various intracellular signaling molecules. I also joined discussion on several posters at the poster sessions.

At the annual meeting, I could hear many comments on my research. The audience was mainly the researchers who are also tackling with chemotactic signaling, and they seemed to be attracted to my work. One of them got much excited and eagerly encouraged me to publish a paper as soon as possible. Another one suggested that the analysis of downstream signaling pathway is needed. It was interesting and very wonderful experience for me to hear their live comments and talk about what is the interesting point and how my study should be complemented by other experiments. By attending several oral presentations, I learned a lot of latest researches in the world. I heard many talks on researches using single-molecule imaging techniques, fluorescent correlation microscopy, fluorescent resonance energy transfer (FRET) and other fluorescent microscopic techniques. I found that these techniques are now being popular. One of attractive researches for many researchers is revealing intermolecular interaction using fluorescent techniques such as FRET. Particularly, the study on the analysis of the interaction between lipid molecule and proteins in the membrane using FRET was interesting for me.

The visit had many positive effects on both my work and my attitude to research. I realized that I should utilize more chances to discuss my work with various people. Especially, researchers in foreign countries seem to be more active and express their feeling straightforward than Japanese researchers. Therefore, I can know whether my work has significance or impact in the research field easily by their reaction. In order to make my work good, I would like to discuss my work more frequently with people in other laboratories.