COE Study Abroad Project Report


Meeting report on the participation of Keystone symposia(U.S.A.)

Morihiro Matsuda, Assistant Professor

1) Purpose
The poster presentation at the Keystone Symposia Obesity: Molecular Physiology and Genetics of Control of Body Weight (J4), and to obtain up-to-date information on obesity.

2) Schedule
January 27, Kansai International Airport (Japan) ? San Francisco International Airport ? Denver International Airport (USA)
January 27-February 2, Keystone symposia Obesity: Molecular Physiology and Genetics of Control of Body Weight (J4) (January 29, Poster presentation)
February 2-3, Denver International Airport (USA) ? San Francisco International Airport (USA) ? Kansai International Airport (Japan)

3) Meeting report and Perspective

This Keystone Symposia is relatively small in attendance compared to other international big conference. However, several members of our group, including our professor, join this conference every year, since many famous researchers in this gobesity and diabetesh field, who recently reported impressive data in big journals such as Nature, Science and Cell, are invited, and give us excellent talks about their up-dated, unpublished data. Actually, although this was my first attendance in the Keystone Symposia, I really enjoyed knowing such various kinds of up-dated data in the world, and also these data were of great help to understand fresh data more deeply and design the future experiments. Indeed, after we returned to Japan, we had a session among our members and discussed more deeply about these data presented in this conference for up-grading our experiments.
On the 3rd day of this conference, I made a poster presentation entitled gEstablishment of adipocyte-specific Cre transgenic mice and in vivo consequence of PTEN deletion in adipocyteh. Surprisingly, many attendants stood in line to ask me various questions, even though our data had been published a month before this conference. I kept talking for two hours to answer their questions one by one. This long talk made me hoarse. But, I think that this was good opportunity for me to re-view our own data and notice something insufficient in our data, through having discussions with foreign researchers in the same field.
Finally, I really appreciate this COE program for the financial support of our attending the Keystone Symposia and providing us such great opportunity to know a lot of up-date information.