COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on the Poster Presentation atBiophysical Society 49th Annual Meeting (U.S.A.)

Tomotaka Komori, Doctoral student

Report on an official travel for conference participation and laboratory visitation.

(1) Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center (USA)
(2) University of California , Los Angels (USA)

(1) Participation in Biophysical Society 47th Annual Meeting and learning the latest study @@ about single molecule and motor protein (Myosin).
(2) Visitation to professor Emill Reisler's laboratory in University of California , Los Angels to present and discuss my own study.

2/11 Kansai airport (Osaka) ? Los Angels airport (USA)
2/12-16 Biophysical Society 47th Annual Meeting (Long Beach, USA)
2/17 Professor Emill Resler's Laboratory at UCLA
2/18-19 Los Angels airport (USA) ? Kansai airport (Osaka)

<Result and Prospective>
I participated in Biophysical Society 47th Annual Meeting (2/12-2/16). In the some respect of the trend of study, this meeting is different from Japanese Biophysical Society Annual Meeting. In this meeting, the studies about Ion channel, single molecule and cardiac disease were popular. In Japan, these studies are not as popular as in USA. Then I was able to listen to the famous researcher in the symposium, whom I knew only in papers. This experience stimulated me.
After this conference (2/17), I visited Professor Emill Reisler's laboratory, who is studying Actin filament (Myosin interact with actin filament and move on it), to present my own study and discuss about these interaction . By this discussion, I realized that these interactions are important to elucidate how unconventional myosins are able to slide on the actin filament. By the way, UCLA exists near the famous BEVERLY HILLS, so it is very beautiful and fashionable university. Almost students of UCLA wore shirts which are written gUCLAh. I thought they are proud of their university.
This official travel made me think that we must compete with not only many Japanese Researchers but more foreign researchers. As you can see from this sentence, Ifm poor at English. But I found that even my very poor English is understood by foreigners , if I talk to them with enthusiasm, but I have to learn English more. I will continue my study to make a better presentation at next meeting.