COE Study Abroad Project Report


Report on the Poster Presentation at Biophysical Society 49th Annual Meeting(U.S.A.)

Seiji Esaki, COE resercher

Report on the presentation at Biophysical Society 49th annual meeting

Schedule of the trip
2/11 KIX (Japan) --> LAX (USA)
2/12-16 Biophyscial Society 49th annual meeting, Long Beach (USA)
2/17-18 LAX (USA) --> KIX (Japan)

Meeting report
I presented a poster whose title was "Stochastic properties of myosin motors from single head to filament." Based on the recent reports on the movement of myosin molecules using the SMD (single molecule detection) techniques, we constructed models to investigate the mechanism of molecular mechanics of myosin. The poster had three sections: First, the movement of a single headed myosin was simulated described by Brownian movement. Second, the movement of dual headed myosins was traced by extending the model for single-headed myosins. Finally, the cooperation of the multiple myosins attached to a filament was simulated.

Regrettably, only several audiences came and saw my poster, as my presentation was scheduled on the final day of the meeting. But the discussion was fruitful. One audience pointed out the energy balance of our model and made a suggestion. Another audience requested to repeat the explanation on the third model, which meant that the model and the description should be more intelligible.

I heard some interesting symposium on such as a new technique for measuring the minute movement (at an angstrom level!!) of RNA polymerase along a single strand of DNA, new materials for visualizing a single molecule in living conditions, mechanisms of unconventional myosions, and so on. In order to catch up to the extreme technology and notion reported on the meeting, there still remain many hurdles. But I could understand the way to overcome these barriers. I think this is also a harvest of the trip.

4) Perspective and future plans
Considering the comments collected in this meeting, I'll soon write and submit a paper. After that, the energy balance of my model for molecular motors will be discussed.